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Επιστρέφουμε μετά από σχεδόν 2 χρόνια στα Γιάννενα για να μπει καλά η άνοιξη!!! #technoζευγάρωμα https://t.co/FStqglHvBY

Oranje bus represents an idea familiar to those who love, live and express themselves through music.

Oranje bus, the technohippism spirit project!!!

Upcoming Events

Music Without Condom 2017 with Invite

Music Without Condom 2017 with Invite
  • Starting the first Music Without Condom in 2012, we had only one thing in mind. The liberation of our senses through a mysterious and enigmatic party.

Oranje beach bar

The technohippiest beach bar in Greece!

Listen to your favourite music, raise your glasses and join us for non-stop vacation!

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Find the exclusive Oranje bus products here!

  • The "classic" Oranje bus t-shirt. Large fit to feel comfortable and... ready to party!
  • A t-shirt made only for pure ravers. In honor of the greatest raver alive (Bart Adins).
  • Party on and shine all night with this V-neck t-shirt till the sun comes out!
  • Stay fit while partying and free your body. This t-shirt is your party vitamin!
  • Feel the warmth of the party vibes coming out of your sweater. Take your "cape dose" and party on!
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